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RESITRIX self-adhesive EPDM

RESITRIX Self-Adhesive EPDM System

Available in 10m length rolls and two practical widths – 0.333m and 1.0m for complete versatility!

The RESITRIX self-adhesive EPDM rolls are ideal for many varied applications including flat roofs, gutters, balconies, bay windows, awkward shaped roofs and many upstands. A layer of reinforcing runs through the EPDM to prevent contraction over time, yet it will still move with the natural movement of the building and not crack or lift. A textured surface makes it suitable for walkways, with the added benefit of being able to lay the RESITRIX self-adhesive EPDM over most existing coverings. Frost proof and rot proof, RESITRIX self-adhesive EPDM is unaffected by pooling, making it an ideal long term solution for many scenarios.

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What are the benefits?

  • Easy to install with minimal mess
  • Sticks to most substrates including OSB timber, plywood, brick, concrete, felt, bitumen etc
  • Conforms to DIN 4102 Part 1 (Fire Resistance Class B2)
  • No need for arris fillets around edges
  • Few tools required – standard heat gun with fishtail nozzle, and silicone roller (ALL hand tools are available from our vast stock)
  • Primer available in varying, economical size tins to suit the installation
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If you don't see the answer to your question below then feel free to contact us.

  • Can RESITRIX Self-Adhesive EPDM sheets be joined?

    The RESITRIX self-adhesive EPDM is joined and sealed by using a hot-air gun with a flat nozzle to heat weld any joints. This operation also forms the watertight seal for each strip.

  • Can RESITRIX Self-Adhesive EPDM be laid over existing roof covering?

    In theory RESITRIX Self-Adhesive EPDM membrane can be laid over existing fibreglass, fibrous cement boards, felt, bitumen and steel roof cladding. However in practice it is not always a good idea, requiring the use of specialist adhesives and or mechanical fixing. Use our Which EPDM is right for the job? tool to see which EPDM system is best for you and, if unsure please feel free to contact us. for advice.

  • Is the RESITRIX Self-Adhesive EPDM membrane guaranteed?

    Unless otherwise specified by us, RESITRIX Self-Adhesive EPDM membrane is guaranteed for 10 years. Although the expected lifespan of a RESITRIX Self-Adhesive EPDM membrane is in excess of 40 years.

  • Do I need any special tools?

    RESITRIX Self-Adhesive EPDM requires: A heat gun with flat nozzle and silicon with rubber roller for the seams. A penny roller would be useful for detail work, as would a reasonable pair of scissors and a small craft knife for cutting of the backing paper. Rollers and brushes are required for the primer.

  • Can I walk on the RESITRIX Self-Adhesive EPDM?

    RESITRIX Self-Adhesive EPDM is thicker than the ClassicBond one-piece EPDM and is suitable for medium to high foot traffic. For safety, it has a textured non-slip surface. Although RESITRIX Self-Adhesive EPDM is designed for increased foot traffic, we still recommend you avoid studded boots and shoes. If ladders are going to be used, ladder protection matts should be placed under the feet to avoid any damage to the roof membrane.

  • How thick is the RESITRIX Self-Adhesive EPDM?

    RESITRIX Self-Adhesive EPDM is 2.5mm thick and is designed to take medium to high foot traffic.

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