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EPDM Frequently Asked Questions

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General EPDM Questions

  • Is EPDM environmentally friendly?

    Yes, EPDM is an inert material with very limited environmental impact during both manufacture and installation of the product. Plus its lifespan means that any small impact is negated over time.

  • Why should I choose EPDM?

    Well if you're still not convinced then be assured: unlike other roofing systems which degrade or become brittle over time, our membrane solutions maintain their integrity and flexibility so you can be confident of a job well done.

  • Does it require any maintenance?

    No. EPDM does not require any systematic maintenance whatsoever, though you may wish to clean it if your roof is on display so as to keep it looking it's best!

  • Why don’t more people use EPDM?

    You'd be surprised at just how many people in the UK already have realised the enormous benefits of EPDM – you just won’t hear about it because it causes them no bother, and once it’s up, it’s up for a lifetime! In fact, the greatest testament to any product is how it performs under field conditions, and the very first membranes laid back in the 1960’s are still protecting flat roofs some fifty years later – it’s why we can be so confident in its longevity! Did you know? To date, more than 1 BILLION square metres of EPDM have been installed worldwide! Don’t you think it’s time you found out why?

EPDM Installation Questions

  • What can I do to speed up the installation?

    So you’ve chosen to use EPDM rubber for your flat roofing job – you’re already streets ahead! But there are other things you can do to speed up the installation process:

    1. Prepare the roof decking, ensuring it is stable, clean and dry, and free from sharp points and edges
    2. Apply the water-based adhesive to a firm porous surface – ideally timber roofing boards or plywood sheeting
    3. Brush rubber out onto decking with a soft brush
    4. To finish EPDM up a house or parapet wall, use contact adhesive on the wall and roof deck edge – no need for arris fillets
  • What extras to you offer to complete the installation?

    A comprehensive range of accessories are available to complement and further enhance the installation:

    1. Fast Fit Kerb
      Fast fit kerb and drip edge trims are available in white or charcoal plastics, with colour-coded joint covers and corner pieces to suit. Each section comes with a fixing kit which is colour-coded to the product. See SureEdge trims ‣
    2. Moulded Rubber Corners
      Moulded rubber corners, both internal and external, preformed to further improve the finish of the corner of the roof or upstand etc. These adhere to all the rubber roofing systems supplied by National Roofing; simply seal the edges with Lap Sealant to create an even more aesthetically pleasing, watertight finish. Pipe covers are also available to enhance the appearance and speed up the installation. See all trims ‣
    3. Aluminium Termination Bars
      Aluminium termination bars can remove the need for cutting into the wall and fitting lead flashing. National Roofing offer an aluminium termination bar finishing system that mechanically fixes and seals the top edge of the EPDM to the upstand wall, saving time and effort for you whilst also enhancing the overall cosmetic appeal of the installation. See termination bar ‣
  • Do you offer any training courses on EPDM?

    YES, we do! Ensure you are fully up-to-speed by taking one of our fully accredited training courses. We can advise you on all aspects of EPDM, from basic usage information through to full product installation training. PLUS you will be credited the full cost of the course against your first order, making the course both worthwhile and FULLY REFUNDABLE! Find out more here ‣

Brand specific questions

We also have FAQs to help you learn about each EPDM system we offer:

ClassicBond One-Piece EPDM
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Read More About RESITRIX Self-Adhesive EPDM ‣

DuoPly Fleece Reinforced EPDM
Read More About DuoPly Fleece Reinforced EPDM ‣

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